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We offer a variety of training curriculum, focused consulting, and conflict resolution services which directly compliment the needs of the client. We have provided consulting, training, and mediation involving change, performance, ROI, and human capital. Our training competencies focus on outcomes affecting movement and growth. It is developed and designed to influence the outcomes of the client, e.g., its people. We work from identified needs toward solution and resolution to ensure a WIN/WIN situation. Our goal is to align vision, people, and processes taking all areas of accountability, change and shared leadership. Below is a sample of some of the services we have offered.


Training courses and topics are developed to employ a sensitivity training perspective.

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Transition Management

  • Performance and Goal Setting

  • Team Building

  • Business Strategies

  • Business Portfolios

  • Relationship Services

  • Employment Options

  • New Market Penetration

  • Corporate Implementation

  • Sensitivity Training


  Our focus is on customizing our services in a real and relevant way to collaborate with you!



Our contact information is:


P. O. Box 6526

Houston, Texas 77265-6526

(713) 965-4603 o.

(281) 778-1403 f.


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