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Alternative Dispute Resolution

In 2011, we enlarged our portfolio to include an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) division. As a result, we facilitate arbitration, mediation, and conflict resolution involving civil litigation, domestic relations, and workplace discord. With the appropriate ADR services, we are confident we can facilitate WIN/WIN Solutions for you!


Through the process of arbitration, disputes are resolved more quickly and more cost effectively without having to go to cour. Rather, arbitrators decide if wrongdoing occurred and how to correct or compensate you for it.


Mediation is an informal process by which a neutral third party facilitates quality conversation to reach a mutually acceptable solution between parties of a dispute. Using mediation between parties leads to better outcomes by way of:

  • Saving Time and money
  • Avoiding litigation
  • Reducing stress
  • Establishing a forum for quality conversations
  • Maintaining confidentiality throughout and beyond mediation
  • Direct involvement of parties in the process of the settlement
  • Settlements addressing the merits of the disputes
  • Using an experienced mediator with expertise to negotiate complex cases to facilitate WIN/WIN solutions

Fee Schedules


Mediation Fees

Mediation fees are broken into Half-day fees as well as Full-day fees. Half-day fees are charged at a fixed per party price. Full-day fees are also fixed at a per party price for the entire day of a minimum of ten (10) hours.

Mediation Fees Per Party

Type of Case

Half-day Fees (minimum charge)

Full-day Fees (10-hour minimum)

Hourly Rate (exceeding minimum charges)

Civil Litigation




Family Litigation




Workplace Disputes





Overtime Fees


When mediation extends past the designated four (4) hours for the half-day or ten (10) hours for the full-day, each party will be charged an hourly fee based upon the hourly fee schedule listed.


Arbitration Fees

Fees may vary depending on the locale and forum for the arbitration. Travel time at $500 per day, associated business travel expenses, and out-of-pocket costs (e.g., hearing rooms, refreshments) are divided equally and charged to each party. Cancellation fee of $500 is charged to cancelling parties for a hearing cancelled fourteen (14) or fewer days prior to the scheduled arbitration date.


Arbitration Fees Per Party

Per Diem



Preliminary Hearings


Per Party

$300/per hour

$300/per hour/per party